Therapy Testimonials

Read what some of Kim’s Therapy Clients are saying about her.

Kim helped me pick the pieces from a failed marriage, a financial crash and untreated depression. She had her hands full and it was a long way from the depths to get back to a normal life.

Kim was always there with upbeat ideas and solutions to all of my different problems. We met on a regular basis for about a year until I moved back to the mainland. Since then I have done several phone sessions with her and some face to face counseling the two times that I returned to Maui. At this point in time my relationships with all my children are the best ever, my financial situation has stabilized and become manageable and my outlook on life is excellent. Without Kim and her great personality and caring approach to my problems none of this would have happened.

If you need help with your problems you can’t go wrong working with Kim Willis.”

JM – Businessman

“Talking with Kim Willis has really benefited my life in so many positive ways. She helped my mother through her divorce and gave her the confidence she had lost. When I was distressed about my transition to college, my mother suggested I talk with Kim and, through personal conversations as well as other suggested resources; Kim has helped me realize my strengths and potential. She is someone I can trust and I highly recommend her!”

EA – College Student

Kim literally saved my life when I was going through my unexpected divorce.  Not only did she guide and council me, but help me guide my relationship with my children through that difficult time.  And although I am happy and adjusted now (and so are my children), I still see her as she guides me and help me feel grounded in all my life decisions.  I recommend her highly!