Marriage and Couples Counseling

All couples go through ups and downs in their relationship. If you are experiencing more downs than ups lately counseling can be invaluable in helping you and your partner to re-connect and be harmonious. The sooner you seek help the better – before problems become even more entrenched.

A therapist’s role is to help you change and improve the dynamics of your relationship. You must be willing to focus on yourself and look at the changes you need to make, instead of pointing your finger at your partner and expecting him or her to do all the changing.

In therapy much of the focus will be learning new tools to communicate, which will bring about trust, compassion, and connection.

Some of the reasons couples seek counseling:

  • To improve communication
  • Trust issues
  • Loneliness in the relationship
  • Constant fighting about the same problems
  • Family issues – children, in-laws
  • Money issues
  • Inequality of power
  • Affection, intimacy and sexual issues
  • Infidelity