Life Coaching with Kim Willis, MFT

Kim Willis: Life Coaching Sessions Maui HawaiiThe focus of Life Coaching is improving your well being by helping you create and maintain balance in all areas of life. Unlike more traditional therapy, emotional issues are not the focus. My role as your Life Coach is to determine and focus on your strengths to facilitate and support you as you achieve your aspirations.

As your Life Coach, I will help you:

  • Explore your Options,
  • Develop and Support Your Action Plan, and
  • Provide Accountability for Your Actions

As your Life Coach I am your partner who:

  • Listens,
  • Asks Questions,
  • Clarifies and Brainstorms, and
  • Creates Solutions.

A Life Coach/Client relationship is open, upbeat, easy-going, and collaborative.

Call me  today! Together we can create the life you deserve.