Life Coach Testimonials

Read what some of Kim’s Life Coach clients are saying about her.

“Kim is a great coach. She has helped me unravel the challenges of life in the most unexpected ways. Through her probing and insightful questions, she has revealed to me my own answers. I think that is the ultimate definition of a coach; the ability to reveal to you your own answers and solutions. You are therefore inherently vested in the outcome.

Kim was instrumental in helping me to understand effective life solutions that I could not have observed nor derived on my own. Her sensitive, empathetic, and deliberate focus was instrumental to my success in navigating life’s evolving challenges.
I have also discovered that coaching is a lifelong pursuit. You need different things at different times, and Kim is able to pick up where you left off, even a decade later!”


“I have always been competitive, so life coaching seemed like a natural for me. Coach Kim Willis is a great mentor. I can hear her cheering for me long after our strategy sessions in the locker room; and, I am charging forward clearly a winner thanks to Kim and her positive coaching techniques, truly caring spirit and life support.”

LR – Award Winning Journalist, Entrepreneur

“I was first introduced to Kim Willis by a lifetime friend of mine, who knows that I am always interested in learning about ways to become more effective in my life. This was also at a time when I was trying to plan retirement from a 30 plus year CEO career; and, I had just lost my father unexpectedly and was involved in very stressful and complicated family estate distribution issues. Kim and I met in person for the first several sessions, but after that due to geography we communicate via phone.

Working with Kim as a life coach was one of the most important things I have done in my life. She helped me focus my dreams and my actions so that I was able to move there a series of business and personal life changes in a productive, positive, and energetic manner. She taught me new planning skills for both business and life.

I was so impressed with Kim that I arranged for her to coach my Executive Team, in their business and life plans. These two younger leaders benefited from her work and where able to smoothly move into transition leadership in the business when I retired. They have both successfully moved up to new and bigger employment positions. Her coaching made us a stronger team through a unique time in a business, where I, as the 20 year CEO was retiring. Our work with her helped us balance our professional and personal needs and visions.

I have recommended Kim to other family members, including my husband, nephew, sister in law, as well as many professional colleagues.

Kim has the talent of working either in person, or over the phone. She brings great integrity and professional expertise to her work. She applies different approaches to each individual, recognizing the unique needs and learning aptitudes.”

WF – Retired CEO