Individual Therapy with Kim Willis, MFT

Going to a therapist does not mean you are crazy! In my opinion you are crazy not to see a therapist when life is not working out like you want it to.

My clients tell me they come in for individual counseling to seek solutions to problems they have not been able to ‘fix’ on their own. They are feeling ‘stuck’ and want to create positive patterns of behaviors to replace ones that are not working.

Many individuals are dealing with a crisis when they first come to therapy. Some examples are death of a loved one, loss of a relationship, loss of a job, substance abuse of self or loved one, a disability or illness, or physical, mental or verbal abuse.

Others are going through a transition in life that is causing them stress. Even positive transitions such as moving away from home for the first time; a new relationship; a recent marriage; or parenthood can bring about stress and anxiety.

Individuals seek therapy to get help for:

  • Depression
  • Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Self-improvement
  • Self-discovery
  • Improve relationships
  • Overcoming past hurts
  • Trust issues
  • Bad habits
  • Guilt